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The "LE" Fingerprint Pads, Dark Law Enforcement Ink

Inkless Fingerprint Pads
The "LE" is also known as our Law Enforcement fingerprint pad. 

The "LE" is a very dark ink and is approved by the FBI.

"For consistent good quality and number of impressions, our Fingerprint Pads should remain closed when not in use and stored in cool environment."

For larger quantity price breaks or any questions please call us at 714-979-1405 or email us at Sales@HittCompanies.com

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Plastic Fingerprint Card Holder
Fingerprint Card Holder
Polymer Plastic Card Holder

Desktop Fingerprint Cardholder, Wood/Metal Frame
Fingerprinting Cardholder, Wood/Metal Frame
Fingerprint Cardholder, Wood/Metal Frame

4oz Ridge Builder
IDT 4oz Live Scan Fingerprint Ridge Builder

16oz Fingerprint Ridge Builder
16oz Fingerprint Ridge Builder

4oz Refill Fingerprint Ridge Builder
4oz Refill Fingerprint Ridge Builder

8oz Fingerprint Ridge Builder
8oz Fingerprint Ridge Builder

Postmortem Cardholder
Postmortem Fingerprint Cardholder & Inking Tool
Designed to securely hold postmortem fingerprint record card

Postmortem Cardholder
Our metal Postmortem Inking Tool is provided with a 1.5" x 2" Fingerprint Pad to ensure ultra-black, nonfading, permanent prints that dry in seconds

Special Blended Election Stain Ink
Special Blended Quote Only