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SRN The Ultimate Safety and Security Barrier


No tools required, and approximate 30 mph wind resistance. The Ultimate Portable Privacy, Safety & Security Barrier. Quick Deployment, Durable & Wind Resistant, Flexible & Customizable.

The SRN 1000 Premier Barrier System by Stop Rubbernecking contains three steel tripods and four heavy-duty fabric screens. The all-weather screens release and reattach in most winds and once assembled, the system is self-maintained. Assembly can be completed in less than five minutes by one person. It comes with a special rolling travel bag for storage in the trunk of a car. Additional features include added weights for more stability. It can be used to conceal a car, enclose an entire crime scene to avoid contamination's, or minimize unwanted photos.

Any questions call 714-979-1405 or email us at Sales@IDTechnologies.com

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SRN Barrier Systems
Double Barrier System
Comes with Mobile Travel Bag.

SRN Quad Barrier System
Comes with Mobile Travel Bag.

SRN Barrier Systems
Double Barrier System with Canopy
Comes with Mobile Travel Bag.