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Master AA or SEM Homicide Investigation Kits

Master AA or SEM Homicide Investigation Kits
This three-tier kit is specifically designed for homicide investigators and contains all necessary components for developing and lifting latent prints, taking elimination prints, and packaging evidence.

In addition to the comprehensive investigation components, our Master Homicide Investigation Kits also contain fifteen individual forensic kits:

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AA Master Homicide Investigation Kit
Homicide Investigation Kit
AA Master Homicide Investigation Kit

Identifi Black Latent Print Field Kit
An ideal kit for the officer, agent or field technician. Includes everything needed for basic latent fingerprint processing all neatly contained in a plastic field case with removable tray and outer clear storage bin.

Master Evidence Collection Kit
Built strong to withstand the demands from scene to scene.

SEM Master Homicide Investigation KitHomicide Investigation Kit
Kit Components: 1 ea. Master Carrying Case, 21"L x 14" W x 10" H, with foam insert and divider Latent Print Development: 1 ea. 2 oz. Jar Velvet Black Latent Print Powder 1 ea. 2 oz. Jar Silver/Black Latent Print Powder 1 ea. 1 oz. Jar Black Mag

Serology–DNA Evidence Collection Kit
Built strong to withstand the demands from scene to scene.

Tactical light
The TRIBRITE 415 has a UV beam color of light purple and is excellent for detecting latent prints treated with fluorescing powders or dyes, examining documents or currency, locating bodily fluids, or trace evidence discovery.

Tactical light
The TRIBRITE 460 has a UV beam color of bright blue and is superior for locating trace evidence such as hair or fibers, detecting bodily fluids, conducting SANE examinations for wounds or bruises, and for detecting fluorescent powder on latent print.

UV-5D UV Sanitizer
Kill a wide range of disease-causing bacteria and viruses — in just seconds! Protect against E.Coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Listeria, the H1N1 flu virus, and much more! Sanitize telephones and cell phones, toilet seats and flush handles, sinks, faucets, countertops, computer mouse devices and keyboards, plastic toys, doorknobs, and many other commonly contaminated surfaces. Also, safely purify drinking water.