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Our Entire Line of Evidence Collection Products. Using our powerful UV lights and magnetic strip sensors products to help detect fraud currency.
Our "LI" Light Ink aka Inkless Pads; Commonly used by banks, Notary Public, Pawn Shops, ETC.

Disposable ink strips for fingerprinting children for child identification kits or child ID cards. The strips pull apart to access the ink and are designed for easy use.
Our "LE" is considered for the Law Enforcement. Our "LE"dark ink is FBI approved.

Live-Scan Enhancer Fingerprint Pads were developed to enhance the ridge lines of a fingerprint when using LIVE SCAN or other types of electronic fingerprinting units or equipment.
Choose from Applicant, Criminal, Child Record, Child Identification Palm Print, Elimination and other related fingerprint cards.

"True Inkless" Fingerprint Pads Label System. Our label system is ideal for those that are wanting a clean, dark black fingerprint, without the ink used in most fingerprint pads on the market today.
Latent Print Powders - Latent Print Powder Applicators & Remover Print Lifters - Hinged Print Lifters - Tape & Backing Cards Latent Print Developers and Supplies...

Fingerprint Stations and Tabletop Fingerprint Units. All of the Fingerprinting Stations listed above are also available with your choice of Ceramic or Plastic inserted Pads Semi-Inkless or Dark Ink, Stainless Steel, or Glass Slab inking methods.
Fingerprint Elimination Print Kits. Our Elimination Print Kits are designed to be used in the field to compare prints from employees or family members to unknown latent prints found at a crime scene.

Fingerprinting Start-Up Kits. Our series of START-UP Kits offers a quick way to get started with your Fingerprinting or Palm Printing Station.
Folding Fingerprint Stations. These compact Folding Desktop Fingerprinting Stations fold in half for easy storage and mobility. This portable station measures 20.375" L x 4.25" W.

Basic Portable Fingerprinting Kits. Our series of Basic Portable Fingerprinting Kits are ideal for taking fingerprints in the field and are available with our Semi-Inkless pads or with stainless steel or glass inking slabs.
Fingerprint Ridge Builder. Fingerprint Ridge Builder is used to add definition and clarity to fingerprint ridges, permitting you to obtain readable prints from the elderly...

Fingerprint Paste Ink Rollers / Brayers. Fingerprint Ink Rollers have comfortable, unbreakable, tapered black plastic handles that suit any hand size.
Master Latent Fingerprinting Kits.These powders are provided for Technicians who prefer a latent powder with denser weight properties than the standard powders...

Latent Print Powders.These powders are provided for Technicians who prefer a latent powder with denser weight properties than the standard powders.
Fingerprint Paste Inks, Cleaner, Toweletts and Supplies.

Dual Powders. Our Dual Purpose (bi-chromatic) silver/black powder has the same characteristics as our standard black powder; however, it will appear silver on dark-colored surfaces and black on light-colored surfaces.
Fingerprint Inking Slabs.Glass or Stainless Steel Inking Slabs and Wood Riser/Backing Plates. Our Inking Slabs are available in two different sizes and in either polished stainless steel or .25" thick glass.


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