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SwabTek’s Gunshot Residue Test Kit

SKU: ETK-GSR-25-00
Your Price $200.00
SwabTek’s Gunshot Residue Test Kit



SwabTek’s Gunshot Residue (GSR) Test Kit is designed to presumptively test for the presence of GSR. This test is sold in boxes of 25 only.

The test kit screens for the inorganic constituents of GSR, the metallic fragments left as residual following discharge of a firearm. The test kit can be used to lift samples from a number of different surfaces that are common GSR sites, including: firearm components, bullet shells and casings, body parts, and clothing

Prices quoted are for the US domestic market.  International pricing may vary.


SwabTek’s GSR Test Kit screens for metallic fragments, including copper and zinc. For further information on detection, please refer to the User Manual for this test.

For higher quantity price breaks or any questions call 800.969.6699 or email us at Sales@IDTechnologies.com

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