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100 grams Ninhydrin Crystals
Ninhydrin Crystals

IDT FPNIN100, 100 grams Ninhydrin Crystals

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IDT FPNIN100, 100 grams Ninhydrin Crystals

For those agencies preferring to mix their own Ninhydrin, we offer three sizes of Ninhydrin Crystals.  The ninhydrin method of revealing latent prints is extremely sensitive and provides distinct, contrasting prints. 

If you have not used this product in the past, it is recommended that you first pre-test it in order to assure desired results.

Paper treated with ninhydrin is sensitive to new fingerprints, and a good protocol would be to fix the paper and developed prints.  Taking a photograph of the prints allows for closer examination of the prints. 

Shelf life of Ninhydrin Crystals is three to four years. 

Any questions call 714-513-1934 or email us at Sales@HittCompanies.com

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