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IDT Inking Slab START-UP Kit W/Waterless Cleaner

Your Price $72.45

IDT Inking Slab START-UP Kit W/Waterless Cleaner

The Fingerprinting START-UP Kits offer Criminal Fingerprint Record Cards with the option of replacing them with Applicant-Personnel-Immigration (API) Record Cards.

To choose API Record Cards, add a kit to your shopping cart and then type kit reorder number and API Record Cards in the message box during checkout.

Kit Components
1 ea. 4 oz. Tube of Grade "A" Fingerprint Slab Ink
1 ea. 3" Identi-Print® Ink Roller
1 ea. 6 oz. Identi-Print® Slab and Roller Cleaner
1 ea. 8 oz. Ridge Builder Pump Spray Bottle
1 ea. 16 oz. Identi-Print® Waterless Hand Cleaner
100 ea. Criminal Fingerprint Record Cards
1 ea. Box of Re-Print Tabs (500 tabs/box)
1 ea. Box of Nitrile Barrier Gloves(100 gloves/box)

Any questions call 714-513-1934 or email us at Sales@IDTechnologies.com

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