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Explosives Detection Master Kit - 20 test kits

Your Price $189.00
Explosives Detection Master Kit - 20 test kits

Product Description

For professionals who need quick, on-the-spot results, our Professional Explosives Detection Master Kit and Test Kits are the answer. Based on advanced kit design and chemical technologies, these sensitive explosives identification test kits react with the questioned substance in an internal "test tube", separating the user from any contact with the reagent. Identifying illegal substances is safe, quick, and easy with the IDenta Alert kits – and cost effective enough for frequent use, as needed.

FEATURES - Immediate, reliable results
- No chemical leakage
- Easy-to-crush numbered, glass ampoules
- Chemical-free experience for operator
- Environmentally safe
- 3 Year expiration date
- Clearly visible colors for identification
- High sensitivity to trace amounts
- Cost effective
- Stable
- Simple to use

Each test kit consists of a sampler, up to three crush-able, hermetically-sealed glass ampoules, and a reaction chamber. The sampler gathers the exact amount of substance needed for each test and safely deposits it into the reaction chamber. The ampoules are filled with the chemicals required to perform the test – no mixing, pouring, or measuring needed. A safe "mini-lab" is created in the advanced plastic design of the test, allowing for results in seconds. Maximum protection for the user is provided while breaking the glass ampoules, and the crushed glass does not enter the reaction chamber. Results are clearly visible, allowing for accuracy in identification.

Explosives Detection Master Kit
1 ea. Sturdy black Kit Case
4 ea. TNT/RDX, PETN/Nitrate Test Kits
4 ea. Urea (Nitrate) Test Kits
4 ea. Ammonium (Nitrate) Test Kits
4 ea. TATP/HMTD Test Kits
4 ea. Chlorate/Bromate Test Kits
1 ea. Procedure Card

- Detects 4 "families" of explosives:
1. Ampoule 1 : nitroaromatic (TNT, DNT, Tetryl)
2. Ampoule 2 : ester nitrates (PETN, NG, EGDN, smokeless powder) & nitratmines (RDX, HMX, Tetryl)
3. Ampoule 3 : inorganic nitrate – Potassium nitrate, Ammonium nitrate, & Urea nitrate
- Highly sensitive and stable

- Color test for presence of Urea, which can be used to make urea nitrate, a component in improvised explosive devices
- Confirms the presence and identity of Urea nitrate that has given a response indicative of a nitrate with use of the TNT/PETN/RDX/Nitrate test

- Color test based on the Nessler reagent system for detection of Ammonium ion
- Used to confirm the presence and identity of Ammonium nitrate that has given a response indicative of a nitrate with use of the TNT/PETN/RDX/Nitrate test

- A novel and specific color test for TATP, a homemade high explosive
- Highly sensitive and stable

- Specific and stable test for chlorate ion, an oxidizing ingredient of low explosives
- Reagent contains strong acid and the IDenta test kit is the only safe kit for the user
- Upon test completion, a self-contained neutralization reagent of strong acid is employed

For higher quantity price breaks or any questions call 800.969.6699 or email us at Sales@IDTechnologies.com

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