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Barrier Tapes

Barrier Tapes
Barricade Tapes

IDT Barrier Tape is perfect for securing crime scenes and discouraging onlookers. It is printed in large, attention-grabbing black letters on highly visible yellow, low-density polyethylene film.

Each roll contains 1000 feet of 3” wide barrier tape, supplied with or without an 8” x 8” x 3 5/8" cardboard dispenser box.

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Sheriff's Line Do Not Cross Barrier Tapes
"Sheriff's Line Do Not Cross"

Police Do Not Cross, Barrier Tape
Police Do Not Cross

CAUTION Barrier Tape
"CAUTION" Barrier Tape

Crime Scene Barrier Tape Sheriff's Line
Crime Scene/Barrier Tape, Sheriff's Line W/Box

Crime Scene Barrier Tape Dispenser
Dispenser Black Reel W/Handle