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White Hinged Print Lifters - 2" x 4" - 12/box

LFTW2X4, 2x4 inch White Hinged Print Lifters - 12/box

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LFTW2X4, 2x4 inch White Hinged Print Lifters - 12/box

Our 2" x 4" Hinged Lifters are made from .005" thick, crystal clear, adhesive-backed mylar that is hinged to .01" thick vinyl backing cards.

The backing cards are available in white, black, or transparent. Pertinent information pertaining to the print can be recorded on the reverse side of the lifter.

After developing the print, simply peel off the inside release liner to expose the adhesive, "lift" the print, then close the mylar against the vinyl backing card to permanently secure it.

Our Hinged Print Lifters are also available in 1.5" x 2" and 4" x 4" sizes, as well as Hinged Palm Print Lifters and Hinged Footprint Residue Lifters

Any questions call 714-513-1934 or email us at Sales@HittCompanies.com

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