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Hinged Print Lifters - Pro-Lift

Hinged Print Lifters - Pro-Lift

Pro-Lift® uses a unique approach for lifting developed prints from a variety of surfaces and provides several advantages over both tape rolls and hinged lifters.

Pro-Lift® lifters are available in three different sizes, with either white or black backing cards and transparent lifting tape.

One piece design
Lifting tape and backing card is preassembled for easy use.
Protective Patented Frame
Keeps your prints and/or smudges off the tape and prevents wrinkling.
Measurement Scales
Each axis of the frame serves as a visual guide for courtroom demonstrations when enlargements are shown.
Tamper Proof
Permanently affixes lifted print with all information pertaining to the print.
Courtroom Presentations
Provides a clean and professional look in court.

To lift a developed print with a Pro-Lift® lifter, simply follow these 4 steps:

Step 1. Peel off the backing card from the back of the lifter.
Step 2. Lift the developed print.
Step 3. Affix blank side of backing card to lifted print.
Step 4. Fill out information requested on back of backing card using a ball point pen or permanent marker.

For higher quantity price breaks or any questions call 800.969.6699 or email us at Sales@IDTechnologies.com

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Pro-Lift Latent Print Lifters
3"x3" Pro-Lift® 100/pkg

Pro-Lift Latent Print Lifters
3"x5" Pro-Lift®, black, 100/pkg

Pro-Lift Latent Print Lifters
8"x10" Pro-Lift®, black, 10/pkg