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Hand Cleaners, Spray and Creams

Hand Cleaners

Available in either a cream or spray formula, Presto Waterless Hand Cleaners require, as the name says, no water.  Simply apply the cleaner and wipe off with a cloth or paper towel. 

Presto Waterless Hand Cleaner Cream is a pleasantly scented, soothing cream which liquefies on contact with the skin. A small quantity rubbed on the fingers or hands will quickly dissolve fingerprint ink. 

Presto Waterless Hand Cleaner Spray is an aerosol hand cleaner which will remove any type of fingerprint ink from fingers and hands without skin irritation.

Individually packaged towelettes are ideal for ink removal on hands and inking supplies. Packaged as 100 towelettes per box or as 10 boxes per case.

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Fingerprint Ink Cleaner
Waterless Hand Cleaner
Ink Slab Cleaner
IDT Waterless Hand Cleaner

Spray-Away Slab & Roller Cleaner
Ink Slab Cleaner
Spray-Away Hand Cleaner Spray
6oz Spray away Slab & Roller Cleaner

Kleen Ink Cleaning Fluid
Ink Slab Cleaner
Quart of Kleen Ink Clean Fluid

Kleen Ink Cleaning Fluid and Cleaner
Ink Slab Cleaner
Gallon Kleen Ink Cleaner Fluid

Ink Remover Towelettes
15% Alcohol with aloe and vitamin E