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swab boxes

SWABBOXNPWH3, 3x.5x.5 inch Swab Boxes - 100/pkg

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SWABBOXNPWH3, 3x.5x.5 inch Swab Boxes - 100/pkg.

Our 20 pt. thick chipboard swab boxes are primarily used for the collection of DNA Evidence such as blood and other body fluids. These swab boxes come with .25" breathing holes which allow the swabs to continue air drying even after packaging.

Our Standard Swab Box, which is used in our Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit, will hold up to two 6" long swabs.

Our Small Swab Boxes are designed to hold up to two 3" long swabs. The advantage of a 3" swab is less flexibility of the swab shaft when collecting DNA samples.

Our Suspended Swab Box is 7" long and is designed to hold cotton swab bulbs away from the swab box to prevent liquids from being absorbed into the chipboard box if the swabs are still damp or wet when packaged.

Any questions call 80714-513-1934 or email us at Sales@HittCompanies.com
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