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Small Swab Drying Cabinet

Small Swab Drying Cabinet

Your Price $622.95

Swab Drying Cabinet and Swab Rack

Whenever swabs are used for collecting biological evidence bloodstains found at crime scenes, it is always necessary to air-dry the swabs before packaging them to prevent degradation of DNA from bacteria. This swab drying cabinet is designed to greatly reduce the drying time by blowing ambient air over the swab bulbs and, at the same time, lessening the possibility of contamination of the collected swabs during the drying procedure.

This drying cabinet measures 13.5" L x 8" W x 8.5" H and can be used in an examination room when collecting specimens from body orifices of victims of sexual assault.

These lightweight (under 5 lbs.) cabinets can be mounted on a wall if space is limited.

The cabinet is made of a plastic material which is easily cleaned with a 10% chlorine bleach solution to prevent the possibility of cross-contamination.

The case and rack are sold as one unit, but an additional rack is also available.

Any questions call 714-513-1934 or email us at Sales@HittCompanies.com
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