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Poly-Stretch Lifting Tape
3M Poly Tape, 1.5 x 125"

Poly-Stretch Lifting Tape - 1.5 x 125"

SKU: FS-TAPE1004022
Your Price $11.25
Poly-Stretch Lifting Tape - 1.5 x 125"
Our Poly-Stretch Lifting Tape is ideal for lifting prints from uneven or curved surfaces such as doorknobs or steering wheels.

The tape's strength, flexibility, and stretchability allow it to conform to many surfaces. It also works well under extreme temperature ranges, and it will not become brittle in subzero temperatures or melt on surfaces over 100° F. 

  • Will stretch and conform for lifts on difficult surfaces such as light bulbs, doorknobs, and bowls
  • Can be pushed into the depressions of bumpy or textured surfaces to obtain lifts where a standard lift tape fails
  • Available in a number of widths

  • Any questions call 800.969.6699, or email us at Sales@HittCompanies.com
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