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Explosives Residue Kit

IDT Explosives Residue Swabbing Kit

SKU: CHE5120
Your Price $147.00

IDT Explosives Residue Swabbing Kit

The IDT Explosives Residue Swabbing Kit is used for the collection of organic and inorganic explosive residues at a post-blast crime scene, or from items or surfaces too large to submit to a laboratory. The best areas to swab are smooth non-porous surfaces such as metal, glass, painted wood, stone or plastic.

Designed by the FBI, this single-use kit contains six individually sealed bags of tools, protective garments, and collection containers separated into each stage of the collection process. Each kit is sealed and ready to use at the scene. Detailed instructions are included.

Kit Components:

Bag 1                                                          

  • One Pair of Non-Powdered Nitrile Barrier Gloves
  • Two Alcohol Wipe Packets

Bag 2

  • One Tyvek® Jumpsuit with Booties and Hood
  • Two Pairs of Non-Powdered Nitrile Barrier Gloves

Bag 3

  • One Folded Length of Brown Paper with Attached Two-Sided Tape
  • One Ballpoint Pen
  • One Black Marking Pen


  • Two Labeled Jars
  • Two Disposable Forceps
  • One Evidence Bag
  • Two Evidence Seals


  • Three Packs of Six Labeled Glass Jars Each Containing One Cotton Swab
  • Four Disposable Forceps
  • Two Evidence Bags for Collected Samples
  • 18 Evidence Seals

Bag 6

  • One 4 oz. Glass Jar Containing Additional Sterile Cotton Swabs
  • One Evidence Seal

Weight; 15 lbs.

Any questions call 714-513-1934 or email us at Sales@HittCompanies.com

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