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Ink Foil Strips
Ink Strips
Fingerprint Ink Strips

FDIS15-100, 5 inch x 1 inch Qty. 100 Black Ink Strip

SKU: FDIS15-100
Your Price $14.00

FDIS15-100, 5 inch x 1 inch Disposable Ink Strips

These fingerprint ink strips feature a thin layer of fingerprint paste ink sandwiched between two thin sheets of plastic.

Qty. 100

The ink strips produce excellent fingerprint images, also great for recording elimination prints at the crime scene, as well as for child identification programs and other field operations.

Instructions for use;
Ink strips consist of a layer of fingerprinting ink sandwiched between two thin, flexible, clear plastic strips. Simply pull apart the tabs to expose the ink, using it as you would traditional inking systems. Press finger tip down onto ink strip, remove and press fingertip onto paper. When finished, simply throw away.

Any questions please call 714-513-1934 or email us at Sales@HittCompanies.com

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