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Forensic Insect Identification Cards

ENTCRDSET, Forensic Insect Identification Cards

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ENTCRDSET, Forensic Insect Identification Cards

Most crime scene investigators have no specialized entomological training and the result is that valuable evidence may be overlooked, ignored, or mishandled. As a step towards the education and training of investigators in the recovery of entomological evidence, this work will help investigators to determine which insects are of forensic importance while also providing basic collection and preservation information.

Each card set consists of fifty 3"x4" plastic coated cards with a color photograph of a forensically important insect on the front, and a brief statement about the biology of the insect on the back. Both scientific and accepted common names are provided whenever possible to improve communication between investigators and the cooperating forensic entomologist. A life-sized silhouette of each insect located in the lower margin tells users at a glance the actual size of the insect.

Although the cards are not a comprehensive record of all insects that may be found associated with human remains, they will familiarize the user with the most common species found throughout the United States and Canada. The result of this project is that a more informed selection and preservation of insect specimens from the death scene will be obtained, and a more accurate interpretation of insect evidence can be made for use in civil and criminal legal proceedings.

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