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Swab Drying Rack

Disposable Swab Drying Rack

Your Price $41.95
Disposable Swab Drying Rack - 50/case.

Our disposable swab drying rack is specifically designed for drying the swabs used in Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits.

• Prevents the possibility of losing track of which
   swabs are from which body orifice during the
   air-drying process.

• Prevents cross-contamination from one set of
   swabs coming in contact with another set
   during the air-drying process.

• Prevents the possibility of cross-contamination
   in examination room.

• Holds up to 12 swabs (4 vaginal, 2 anal/rectal,
   2 oral, 2 dried secretions, and 2 "other swabs").

Any questions call 714-513-1934 or email us at Sales@IDTechnologies.com
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