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Forensic Entomology Kit

CSENT0GEN, Forensic Entomology Kit

Your Price $345.00

CSENT0GEN, Forensic Entomology Kit

In collaboration with internationally renowned forensic entomologist Dr. Jason Byrd, Ph.D., Hitt Companies has designed this innovative kit for the collection of insects and related arthropods that are associated with death investigations. Our joint efforts have created the critical instruction manual, customized forms, and unique components that are necessary to assist an investigator in today’s world.

Our partnership with Dr. Byrd produced the manual included with this Forensic Entomology Kit, providing specific instructions on the procedures to collect specimens for evaluation. Based on many years of crime scene investigation experience, the customized forms were written clearly and concisely in order to provide step-by-step directions that investigators will find easy to use. Even investigators with limited experience utilizing forensic entomology kits will find the kit to be straight-forward and designed to walk them through the process with confidence.

Kit Components
  1 ea. Kit Case
10 ea. Entomology Log Sheet for Samples
10 ea. Forensic Entomology Data Form
10 ea. Temperature Calibration Form
  1 ea. Instruction Booklet
  1 ea. Set of 7 Nesting Specimen Containers
  1 ea. ABFO Photomacrographic Scale
  2 ea. Blunt Tip Disposable Forceps
  1 ea. Killing Jar - 16 oz.
  1 ea. Insect Net 
  1 ea. Collapsible Insect Net Handle - 12"
  1 ea. KAA Chemical - 12 oz.
  1 ea. 80% ETOH - 12 oz.
  1 ea. Ethyl Acetate - 12 oz.
  4 ea. Vented Container - 16 oz.
  1 ea. Trowel 10 ea. Plastic Spoons
  1 ea. Dial Thermometer
  1 ea. Vermiculite - 16 oz.
  1 ea. Sawtooth® Evidence Tape - Red
  3 ea. Wide Mouth Sample Containers - 90 ml
16 ea. Vials with Cap - 20 ml
15 ea. Aluminum Foil Squares
50 ea. Non-Adhesive Paper Labels
50 ea. Adhesive Paper Labels
  2 ea. Mechanical Pencils
24 ea. Towelettes
12 ea. Large Nitrile Barrier Gloves
12 ea. X-Large Nitrile Barrier Gloves

Any questions call 714-513-1934 or email us at Sales@HittCompanies.com
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